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Team Cycurity is a project team which cooperated with CMU Software Engineering Institute to build a novel experience for the cybersecurity competition.
Worked with our client, we built an escape room game framework in Unity for them to put all cybersecurity questions in the game. In this way, particapators could experience a different way of a cybersecurity competition. 
The project has successfully been used in 2019 Presidents Cup cyber security competition.

Cycurity: About


As the lead programmer of the team, I implemented almost all aspects in the escape room game. Including game mechanism, code structure and quality assurance. Also, I communicated fruquently with our client to make sure the game and the cybersecurity questions could work well with each other.

Cycurity: About

For the security reason, we are not allowed to share any resources about our project. But here is the streaming about the competition where you can get an idea about our project.

Cycurity: About
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