Just another day working in space…… except that your ship blew up, you’ve lost all communication, and it’s just you and your pal drifting in the dark, dark galaxy. No time for panic, astronaut. Work with your friend and get back to Earth safe and sound.


Project Info

  • Duration: 44 hours (Global Game Jam from Jan.25 to Jan. 27)

  • Team Size: 4 (2 Programmers, 1 Artist, 1 Sound Designer)

    • Genre: Cooperation, Platform games, Indie game

  • Platform: Windows, Mac

  • My Contribution: Gameplay programming, Level design

  • Achievement: Shows on Global Game Jam showcase and gets a strong positive reception

  • Project Link: https://globalgamejam.org/2019/games/home-bound-1

  • Team Member Info: 

Brian Teng: https://www.ycteng.xyz/

Jue Wang: http://www.jue-wang.com/

Sherry Fan


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