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Visual Story is a class I took in Entertainment Technology Center. This class is mainly teaching about how to use visual concept to appeal to people. During this course, we were allocated to a 5-person team to shoot some fun videos. The videos below are my team's best work.

My Contribution: Lighting, Camera, Acting

Visual Story: About

Love Love Love

A Music Video, just enjoy it!

Visual Story: About


It's a story about a girl who has two personalities. One is shy and the other is social. Every time the girl looks into mirror, she will change her personality. This is a story about conflict and change.

Visual Story: About

A Thief in the House

This is a funny VR video about how a thief tries to steal an artwork from a house. It's short but funny, enjoy it!
PS: Look up first if you are using VR glass to watch it.

Visual Story: About
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